Who are we?
Strategic Partnering and Communication  :: info@spcommunication.dk :: Phone: +45 4971 7989
Who are we?
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SPC´s principal area of specialization is facilitating strategic partnerships and corporate communication.

SPC has broad experience in establishing the optimal partnerships for private companies, research centers, NGOs and government agencies. SPC can be of help both in ad hoc outsourcing of hi-tech R&D tasks as well as in initiating long-term strategic partnerships. We have successfully launched numerous partnerships that continue to be of value to our clients through our established network of seasoned experts. We can provide you with our track record.

SPC is the preferred partner for R&D executives. SPC is uniquely experienced in linking corporate communication with R&D management. With corporate branding high on the agenda of all visionary companies and organizations, we support you in building or strengthening your image as an innovation-driven enterprise SPC works closely with leading business schools in order to remain at the cutting edge of integrated communication.